Research Show Window: EASTS-Japan Working Paper Series

Supported by the Association for Planning and Transportation Studies
Last updated on July 6, 2009
EASTS-Japan has established a working paper series focusing on the current research of EASTS members with the support from the Association for Planning and Transportation Studies. Our goal is to make the early research available to transportation researchers, scholars and institutions all over the world. Those who want to submit the paper(s) to EASTS-JAPAN Working Paper Series are requested to send the manuscript(s) to Dr. Hironori Kato ( The copyright of the papers belong to the authors. Please contact the authors directly if you have comments on the papers.
Example of preferred citation style is shown as follows: Ueda, T.: Fundamental research on cost-benefit analysis in transportation project, Research Show Window: EASTS-Japan Working Paper Series, No.08-1, 2008.

09-6. Takayuki Ueda, Yukihiro Ogawa and Tomoki Ishikura
Spontaneous institutions as cooperative equilibrium in repeatedly played and linked games
Paper (PDF)
09-5. Keishi Tanimoto and Hideyuki Kita
Accessibility for Bus Transportation Planning in Rural Areas
Paper (PDF)

09-4. Taka Ueda, Morito Tsutsumi, Shinichi Muto and Kiyoshi Yamasaki
Computable Urban Economic Models in Japan
Paper (PDF)
09-3. Junyi Zhang and Akimasa Fujiwara
Development of the DPSIR+C Framework for Measuring the Social Capacity of Environmental Management
Paper (PDF)

09-2. Agachai Sumalee, Kenetsu Uchida and William, H. K. Lam
Stochastic Multi-modal Transport Network under Demand Uncertainties and Adverse Weather Condition
Paper (PDF)
09-1. Takayuki Ueda and Hisayoshi Morisugi
Cost Benefit Analysis of Community Relocation Project
Paper (PDF)


08-4. Shoichiro Nakayama, Jun-ichi Takayama and Yuichiro Yamashita
A Non-Linear Analysis of Discrete Choice Behavior by the Logit Model
Paper (PDF)
08-3. Shoichiro Nakayama and Jun-ichi Takayama
A Traffic Network Equilibrium Model for Uncertain Demands
Paper (PDF)
08-2. Fumitaka Kurauchi
Simulation Analysis on the Evaluation of Parking Reservation System
Paper (PDF)
08-1. Hironori Kato
Price Perception of Travel Demand with Cashless Payment Mode: Evidence from the Urban Rail Farecard System in Tokyo
Paper (PDF)